Which Are the Most Eco-Friendly Home Heating Systems?

Everyone knows preserving energy for a better environment and future is necessary. Eco-friendly habits are not only beneficial for the future but for our present too.

Switching to eco-friendly equipment and lifestyles is a necessity and a responsibility. People use various devices at home for convenience and comfort, and a heating system is one of them. It satisfies the need for comfort but can also harm the environment.

An annual heating tune-up in Salt Lake City maximizes the heating efficiency. Even though certain heating systems can negatively affect the environment, not all heating systems are bad for the environment.

Some Eco-Friendly Heating Options

People rely highly on furnaces for their heating requirements, as comfort is everyone’s top priority. However, the most beneficial achievement of advancement in technology now is eco-friendly comfort.

Eco-friendly heating systems reduce the carbon footprint and harmful fuel risk. These systems also make you eligible for various incentive programs according to your region. The most common eco-friendly heating options are:

  • Geothermal heating: As the name implies, a geothermal heating unit absorbs heat from thermal energy beneath the earth’s surface. A series of pipes containing fluid absorbs the heat from the ground source and circulates the hot fluid for space and domestic water heating.

    Its installation is expensive, but it is worth every penny as it saves money on expensive fuel recharge and electricity consumption. Moreover, geothermal heating has a 50-55 year lifespan, making it a good investment.

  • Solar heating: In a solar heating system, the solar panel gets energy from sun rays falling on it. This energy is converted into electricity to provide heating to homeowners with the help of an air collector installed on the roof with metal insulation.

    The hot solar panels heat the air in the collector, which transfers this hot air indoors through a blower fan. It can be used for both room and water heating. Moreover, the repair needs and cost of solar heating are way less than the furnace repair in Salt Lake City.

  • Air source heating: An air-source heat pump uses natural air to fulfill the room’s heating requirements. It extracts the outside warm air and provides hot air to the residents.

    It is highly efficient than the central heating unit as it does not rely on harmful fuel. You can maintain its efficiency for a long time by scheduling a heating replacement in Salt Lake City.

  • Biomass wood stove: Biomass is a renewable fuel, also known as green fuel, derived from waste residue like forest scrap and sand dust, etc. The waste residue gets transformed into pellets for burning. This type of heating system neither requires fuel nor electricity.


People usually hesitate to install an eco-friendly HVAC because of the installation cost. However, if they calculate the future expenses, they will realize that they can save money on its usage even after covering the installation expenses.

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