Signs That You May Need Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps are a fantastic option to keep your home comfortable and cost-effective if functioning efficiently. It can be extremely frustrating and cause significant hassle when they fail at times you need them the most.

When your heat pump displays indications of not functioning effectively, contact our HVAC experts to fix it as soon as possible. Delaying repairs could cause harm to your heating system. A professional service can save you money on heating repairs in Salt Lake City.

Signs You Need Heat Pump Repairs

Odd Smell

If you notice odd smells coming from the heat pump, you need to call one of our certified experts. While you wait for a response, here are some clues about what could be the cause. Three unusual smells to watch for in a heat pump are:

  • Dirty socks: This smell indicates mold or mildew accumulation within the system requiring emergency heating replacement in Salt Lake City.
  • Fish: This smell is usually caused by mechanical issues and can be caused by overheating. It could also be an electrical issue.
  • Vinegar: This smell could indicate an electrical problem within the system.

Unusual Noise

If you’ve been using your device for some time, you’ll know what it sounds like when it is running. Any strange noises you notice could indicate something is off or functioning incorrectly.

  • Grinding: A grinding sound indicates a mechanical issue due to dirty motor bearings. It is essential to contact our HVAC technicians immediately.
  • Gurgling: This sound indicates the system requires recharging the refrigerant.
  • Buzzing: The sound of the air handler or indoor unit usually indicates a refrigerant leak. This is more of a risk because refrigerant leaks can be dangerous.
  • Clanging: Turn off the unit if you hear rumbling or banging sounds from your outdoor unit. The fan could be striking another piece of metal and creating this sound.

Some Other Signs that Indicate Your Heat Pump Needs Repair:

  • A thermostat that provides inaccurate readings may indicate something isn’t right in your heating system. A defective thermostat could also cause it.
  • If there are extreme temperatures in your house, or you feel your home is being cooled or heated in a way that is not uniform. This is because the cold or hot air isn’t moving through the ductwork as it should.
  • One sure indication that you’ll require a heat pump repair service is when the refrigerant lines and evaporator coils are covered in frost. This can result in your ducts freezing and could stop the airflow.
  • Breakers that continue to trip indicate the possibility of an electrical problem in the heat exchanger. This issue could not end or hinder the cooling or heating process, but it could be a significant issue.
  • If you’re experiencing a rise in utility bills, one or more components could be working too much. Repairs to your heating system by our heater installation in Salt Lake City can bring your utility costs down.

If you require repairs to your heat pump, contact our experienced technicians to assist you. Jones Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to take on all your heater installation or repair needs in Salt Lake City. Contact us today at 844-998-0969.