Ductless Mini Splits in Salt Lake City, UT

Ductless Mini Splits in Salt Lake City, UT and the Surrounding Areas

Summer in Salt Lake City can be so hot, but luckily, the heat cannot affect people inside their house if they have AC installed. Over time, ductless AC units replaced old central air conditioner systems in many homes.

 A ductless unit comes in impressive designs. It helps to save energy, makes our monthly electricity bills inexpensive, and fulfills our comfort needs perfectly. A ductless mini-split has become the first choice for cooling and heating requirements. 

Advantages of Installing a Ductless Mini-Split

  • More energy efficient than a central air conditioning unit.   
  • Provides better indoor air quality.   
  • Versatile and useful throughout the year.   
  • Easy to install and maintain.   
  • More cost-effective than a ducted air conditioning unit.   
  • Make you eligible for energy rebates. 

Ductless AC Problems Need an Emergency Repair

Like ducted HVAC, ductless HVAC systems also function when it needs repair. A timely repair improves the cooling capacity of the ductless air conditioning system.

Partially Cool Room

When half area of your room is cool, and the remaining half is hot during summers, your AC cannot provide proper cooling. It happens when something restricts the air. 

When the AC unit lacks cleaning and too much dirt, debris, dust, etc., has gathered inside the AC, this restricts the AC performance. Contact a professional who repairs ductless mini-splits in Lake City, UT.

Opposite Functioning

The thermostat is defective if your ductless AC provides hot air during summers and cool air during winters. A thermostat is responsible for problems like uneven room temperature, poor airflow, no change in room temperature, and high humidity.

If you have experienced this problem only once, restarting the thermostat and resetting its temperature settings can fix it. If the problem is frequent, replacing the thermostat can help you solve this problem.

Noisy and Smelly AC Unit

If your AC produces abnormal sounds and poor odors, you need an emergency AC repair in Salt Lake City. The damage to internal components leads to such problems, and it should be fixed by the technician only.

An increase in your electricity bills

We spend on ductless AC to save money on our monthly energy bills, but if it costs us high electricity bills, the system needs an inspection and a tune-up service.

Schedule AC Service this Spring and Fall

An AC tune-up service can enhance the quality of your ductless mini split. Annual AC service is a cost-effective and extremely helpful combination of all the services our AC needs to work properly. To get the maximum benefits of an air conditioning unit, one should always keep annual AC service at the top of the AC maintenance-related tasks.

An annual ductless AC service in Salt Lake, UT, includes AC parts analysis and cleaning service. The AC diagnosis test helps you detect the problem before the damage extends, and the cleaning service enhances the airflow and AC performance.


Therefore, never skip the annual air conditioner service if you want to keep using the AC till its warranty period or more than the warranty period. Need emergency AC repair in Salt Lake City? Jones Heating and Air Conditioning can help. We provide all HVAC services from its installation to AC maintenance in Salt Lake City.

We always make sure to leave a positive impression on our clients. We can fix any faulty HVAC system. We have been serving the HVAC industry for three generations. Call us today for the most impressive HVAC services. We aim to provide top-class HVAC services for all your HVAC repairs, replacements, and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended that you have your ductless mini split serviced by our professional once a year. Regular maintenance ensures your system runs efficiently and effectively and helps prevent costly breakdowns and repairs.

Ductless mini splits are known for their energy efficiency, as they do not require ductwork and can be zoned to cool or heat specific areas of your home. This can save you on high energy bills while enjoying a comfortable living space.

While ductless mini splits do require electricity to run, they are generally more energy-efficient than traditional heating and cooling systems. They can also be zoned to cool or heat-specific areas, which can help reduce overall energy consumption.

Ductless mini splits are generally quieter than traditional heating and cooling systems, as they do not require ductwork that can amplify noise. However, some models may produce a slight humming or buzzing sound when operating.

There are several reasons why your ductless mini split may be leaking, including a clogged or dirty air filter, a blocked condensate drain line, or a refrigerant leak. It is essential to address any leaks as soon as possible to prevent damage to your system.